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Jan. 2012

Get up on the jock of the new Judy Green with a special peepers' preview of SWINE ON FRIDAY, the up-and-coming 11 song song-cycle featuring members of Califone, The Bitter Tears & the Memphis Symphony Orchestra, mixed by Brian Deck! This almost-or-already legendary, BIGFOOT of a record is about to truly see the light of day & it's a full-on fucking doozy (if we may)... Check it, you'll want more, & pretty soon, we're gonna wanna go "all the way" with you, too! J Green peepers, go below:

1--God Rocks


3--Her Warlock

ALSO two new Chicago shows we're uppy to announce:

2.16.12 @ Strobe Studios:

2631 W. Division (http://www.strobesessions.com/): a live recording at a real live studio before you! our real-life live studio audience. Doors at 7:30, Show at 8:15. This J Green line-up can beat up your J Green line-up! Seth Vanek, Jason Labrosse, Amalea Tshilds, Kent Lambert & Beth Yates. Yep.. New tunes, old tunes, requests, covers? (No, no covers. We do our own shit, thanks!)

note: seating is limited; RSVP at strobesessions@gmail.com Do it, now!

3.29.12 @ The Poetry Foundation:
61 W. Superior Street (http://www.poetryfoundation.org/): so, you think yer a poet, eh? Maybe you are, but Billy Blake you probably isn't! Which is why you need to re-aquaint yerself with the Romantic fashions of one of the greats: yep, you guessed it, William Blake! You know: "Tyger, tyger, burning bright/O rose thou art sick/the Poison tree"---that ol' timey good-shit poetry you've been reading since high school. Now how bout a twist?.. (no, not Oliver!--you spent too much of yer youth with a nose in the book, boy!) ...The Judy Green & The Thin Man (http://www.thinmansongs.com) are teaming up & writing tunes to the words of some of these classic goodies. Patti Smith, eat yer heart out. We beat you to it...
See you on the ice!! Be in touch.... We are!




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